Artwork Statement


Digital Vernacular in the 21st Century

Friends used to think it was weird that my husband and I would buy family albums at flea markets. Now the same accusers spend all day on Facebook consuming other families’ images.

Posting, re-posting, liking, thumbs up, thumbs down.
Flea markets are gone, just Ebay now.
Family albums are gone, just Tumblr.

I see more vernacular photos in one day than any other type of image. But the digital world historicizes information before the structures for understanding their meaning have been erected.

I know Flickr/Youtube/Vimeo is telling me a story, but I have no idea what that story is.

If Facebook was a book, would you put it in Fiction or Non-Fiction?

The collection of digital information that is currently accumulating will be the first set of histories that do not present themselves as transparent facts to any reader in the future. Rather, the ability to define digital vernacular through inherent contradictions and missing information is taken as a given.

Pinterest boards are a type of journal/story telling device with no explicated morphological typology.

They are not presented as fact.
They are not presented as stories.
They are simply presented.

Like building a house while you are living in it, my family and I are constructing a historical morphology for meaning in our digital lives.

Please flip through the pages of our album.
Please contribute to it by adding comments, links, etc.

I think I’m telling a story.
I think you’re telling a story with me.
I think it is not art.
I think it’s just the stuff my family uploads.
I think it may be a curated exhibition.
I think I could be wrong.

-The Aishmans

How to Play Lacrosse for Beginners

ez goal lacrosse rebounderThe total game of lacrosse is slightly altered for girls, largely to cut down the sum of bodily get hold of that requires area on the record of gamers while on the discipline. They are nevertheless expected to use eye place on and a mouth area guard as accidents can and commonly do come about. A different aspect for women’s lacrosse is that the pockets of the sticks tend to be additional shallow than people utilised by the guys. The result of this is the ball is more demanding to catch and it can’t be photograph with just as a lot velocity.

Best Lacrosse Head for Defense

bounce back lacrosse

Women’s bounce back lacrosse groups also play with two more gamers on the field then your men’s teams permit. The united group functions a goalie, 3 attackers, 5 middle of the fielders, and three defenders. Seven from the participants assume either the positioning from the attacker or the defender based on who has management of the ball at any given time. A different four players as well as the goalie are not allowed to cross the restraint variety or a penalty will be enforced for the staff.

Where to Buy Lacrosse Equipment

Checking is just about the location of the game that differs the most involving women’s and men’s lacrosse. Females are not allowed to check out as the males are permitted to do. If a test happens, the ball will be transferred to the opposing workforce with the umpire.


As lacrosse grows in reputation in North America and European nations, ladies have the opportunity to attempt out ez goal lacrosse rebounder professionally. The fact that women’s lacrosse rules alter from men’s may be the cause for the distinction in recognition involving the two varieties of have entertaining with. Some have ventured that just before pointers are the exact identical, women’s lacrosse won’t acquire the very same position afforded to men’s lacrosse. There is no proof that the pointers will modification in the potential.

What Is an Under Counter Radio

Get concerned! No matter regardless of whether you are right here to ask or give help – we are satisfied you stopped by and appear forward to seeing you in the future! Please view our Welcome Video to get begun.

Under Counter Clock Radio with Light

under the counter tvYou are my hero. I have attempted a bunch of issues on the way to throwing out this vintage 2005 under cabinet kitchen radio (plays CDs fine, receives practically nothing at all.) I even built an RF pre-amp inside (powered from the Sony power supply & wired to the chip FM antenna input) which was an improvement – but I hadn’t thought by way of the (alleged) connection to the line cord. Thanks to you I positioned and lifted C921, wired up an external antenna, and saw a marked an improvement.

The people absolutely can opt for the sort of under the counter tv which they will want to have. The Beneath The Cabinet Radio Canadian Tire cabinet radio is a single of the radio assortment which can be chosen by persons. It signifies the a variety of rooms undoubtedly will be appropriate to be completed with this form of the radio. But amongst those a wide variety of rooms, the kitchen is 1 of the frequent areas which are completed with this radio.